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Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Dubinski are four inseparable siblings: Eugene, Fergus, Donal and Eoin Gaine. Originally from the remote green hills of North Yorkshire, the Gaine brothers spent their childhood in atmospheric and social isolation. A shared love of music was the common thread amongst the four, so they spent their adolescent years writing and performing songs for the sheer joy of it. Eventually the brothers moved to Edinburgh, having decided to raise the bar of their childhood music ‘hobby’ to make a proper go of it. Taking on the band name Dubinski (their late mother’s maiden name), the band recorded their debut album at RAK Studios in London, working with Grammy Award winning producers/engineers Mike Horner and Robbie Nelson. Having recently released the eponymous album worldwide through Gnu Roam (Kartel Music Group), Dubinski have now taken their high-energy show on the road as an international touring act and are gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, to be released autumn 2024.

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